Designed by Sébastien Léon

“Originality consists of returning to the origin.” - Antoni Gaudí


Atelier d’Amis is proud to present “Bestiaire”, a new furniture collection conceived by designer Sébastien Léon. In French, the word “Bestiaire” is traditionally used to evoke the representation of a group of animals, which for Leon is comprised of a collection of insects. “Since I moved to the Hollywood Hills three years ago, I have been drawing most of my inspiration from the surrounding nature. I have been able to closely observe the flora and fauna through each season, and have been particularly drawn by the anatomy of insects: the texture of their shells, the shape of their antennas, the articulation of their legs, etc. Nature really is a limitless source of awe and inspiration.”

The “Dragonfly” credenza references the insect’s legs through a sculpted metallic armature, while the “Scarab” armoire is decorated with a complex symmetrical silk-screened artwork alluding to the patterns found on the creature’s shell. “Bestiaire”, like Atelier d’Amis’ other collections, will continuously expand, with the “Mantis” dining table and the “Cicada” free-standing mirror to be released later this year.

Both the Dragonfly credenza and the Scarab armoire are made in Portugal, and are finished in  lacquer. Lacquer, a technique originally developed in Eastern Asia, uses the secretion of the lac insects to seal wood, giving it its characteristic shellac protective layer. The technique was brought to Europe by Portuguese merchants in the early days of trans-oceanic explorations, triggering an immediate vast demand throughout Europe. Portuguese craftsmen gradually developed their own lacquer technique, which is today the highest quality found in Europe.