Concrete impasto applied by hand. Available in light, medium, dark, and black shades. Anti-stain treated.


For technical reasons, we use brass for the tubing of the Pipeline collection, and aluminium for the tubing of the Laisse Béton collection. However we offer identical finishes for both collections.


Our Laisse Béton collection is also available in three natural walnut and oak wood veneer finishes. 


Novabuck® "suede" technological leather, made in Italy, scotch-guarded and washable. Available in in Sable, Chamois, Bronze, Tundra, Ardoise, Noir, and Indigo. COM option is available upon request and approval by our studio. Additional charges may apply.

Cushions are available in Semi-firm, Firm, and Extra-Firm. 

Due to slight variations in metal finishing, concrete mixing, wood veneers, and leather dying, the colors shown above cannot represent true quality and hue. Prior to ordering, please reference finish samples available through your local showroom or sales representative.