Designed by Sebastien Leon

“All things are aggregations of atoms that dance & by their movement produce sound. When the rhythm of the dance changes, the sound it produces also changes… Each atom perpetually sings its song, and the sound at every moment creates dense subtle forms.” 
Alexandra David-Neel


Developed in collaboration with fine rug specialist Atelier Février,  Fréquence is a collection inspired by the enigmatic vibrational phenomenon called "cymatics", which correlates sound frequencies with geometric mandalas. As designer Sebastien Leon explains, "sound waves are first and foremost physical, and crystalize when they travel through matter. I want Fréquence to be a reminder that there is nothing like music to bring harmony to our homes".

Each rug is named after the frequencies of the A note - the standard for tuning - in three consecutive octaves.

Himalayan silk and wool. Hand-knotted in Nepal.


Frequence 440 Blue at home'.jpg