Designed by Sébastien Léon

Zen om zen home zen / French horns through stacking rocks / Zen home zen om zen


"I have always found an infinite beauty in the the brass sections of symphonic orchestras: French horns, trumpets, and tubas strike me first as sculptures, and then as instruments," says Sébastien Léon, the designer of the Pipeline collection, whose other forms of artistic expression include sound sculptures and polyphonic installations. "I have often used brass pipes in my sculptures as a way to carry sound and was captivated by the idea of drawing on this same aesthetic to form a furniture collection." A longtime practitioner of meditation, Sebastien Leon also used the art of zen rock stacks to create the geometry of his sofas, perpetually searching for balance between all elements.

The Pipeline Collection is composed of variety of individual elements allowing for multiple configurations. Pipes are made of brass. Cushions are available in a selected palette of Novabuck® and leather colors.