VALERIE PASQUIOU thrives on chemistry. Between people, concepts, and styles. It is the ethereal connections between these worlds that inspire her designs. 

After moving from her native France, she began her career as a set designer in Los Angeles for films, music videos and commercials. Soon after, she branched into interior architecture, designing homes of the luminaries she met in the industry.

Through interior renovations, Valerie creates sleek, yet inviting spaces that reflects the story of each client. With a natural instinct to understand her client’s needs and lifestyles, she blends the classic with the contemporary, the timeless with the avant-garde, often collaborating with renowned artists to create a bespoke experience. 

Now based in New York with a studio in Paris, she continues to design for prominent figures in the arts, business and entertainment industry, as well as restaurants and luxury retail and creative spaces in NY, Miami, London and Paris.

Her celebrated distinctive work has been featured in many domestic and international publications including Elle Decor, Metropolitan Home, The New York Times, Interior Design and Home and Garden, which named her one of “The 100 Best Designers in the U.S.”